Major Interface

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Prompt Box

Defining hotkeys


Word Autocompletion and Shorthand Expansion

Words Vs. Shorthands  

Defining shorthands

Shorthand Generation Rule

Importing Words
Import Words & Phrases From Text Documents...
Create Word Library From Word List File...

Importing Shorthands
Create Shorthand Library From Shorthand List File...
Convert Shorthand For Windows SPF file...  
Create Shorthand Library From Phrase List...

Library Management
Word Library Manager
Shorthand Library Manager
Set Active Libraries
Reduce User Library
Merge Libraries...
Check Library Integrity
Export Words/Shorthands From Library
Pack Library  
Change Library Directory

Quick-add words/phrases/shorthands

Quick-delete words/phrases

Setting prompt style

Some internal mechanism (Advanced user only)

Clipboard Enhancement

Multiple Clipboard Manager

Shell Enhancement and Automation Utilities

URL Alias

Built-in Commands

Quick-Run Dialog

Embedding editing  

Computer Management