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Major features

  • Smart Autocompletion of word/phrase/shorthand in any applications
    Autolearn new words and phrases at the same time of typing.
    Autoprompt and autocomplete words/phrases.
    Autoexpand shorthands with support of parameterized shorthands.
    Seamless integration with any applications on MS windows.
  • Support multiple word/shorthand libraries at the same time
    Multiple libraries can be activated at the same time. Available libraries covers most European languages, most popular programming languages, law, medical transcription, etc. Check library center for all the available libraries.
  • Powerful Library Management
    Import words from a single text document or multiple text documents under a specified directory recursively. Create your own libraries from word list or shorthand list. Insert or delete words from word libraries. Shorthand library manager with automatic shorthand generation. Word library manager.
  • Embedded editing to carry out editing functions in any applications
    Let you perform operations on text in any applications. Functions include case conversion, add/remove line header, add line number, learning selected words and phrases, etc.
  • Multiple Clipboard Manager
    A First-In-First-Out (FIFO) queue of 64 clipboards to enhance standard Windows clipboard. Combined copy and paste. Appending-mode Copy. Full clipboard history stored in a file. You will never lost a piece of text once it has been copied. Hotkey to open URL in clipboard.
  • URL Alias
    Define short aliases to represent long URL (path of file, folder, program, address of internet resources, etc). To access target URL, just type it in quick-run dialog. You can also type the alias in any application and press a hotkey to expand the alias into its full path.

Minor Features


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