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What's New / Version History

Ver 3.5

  • Support for Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • Multi-user support
  • Manual activation mode to get IntelliComplete to help you only on-demand.
  • Added support for multiple user library.
  • Removed the shell enhancement toolbar and simplified configuration options.

Ver 3.3

  • Add built-in spell checker
    Press Ctrl+Alt+M to invoke embedded editing menu and select "Check Spell". This spell checker can check any text in any window or application
  • Increase limitation on the total number of words to retrieve. Now the limitation is 256.
  • Add ability to change user library path.
    With this new feature, you can use multiple user libraries and switch from one to another when you work with different vocabularies or different languages.
  • Add options in Options->Prompt: Minimum length of best-matched word, minimum prefix length for shorthand, etc.

Ver 3.2

  • Renamed to IntelliComplete
  • A few minor bug fixes

Ver 3.1

  • Dockable toolbar
  • Entirely redesigned prompt box
    Dockable, both vertical and horizontal orientation, resizable, context menu.
  • Open alias path in console window (DOS Prompt)
  • Revised hotkey definition interface, add support for Windows key.
    e.g., you can define Win+S to replace CTRL+ALT+R as hotkey for quick-run dialog.
    NOTE: many hotkeys have been assigned different values from the earlier versions.

Ver 2.2

  • Add a word library manager to edit language libraries and professional libraries
  • Direct Text Insertion and Exact Prefix Detection in MS Word by COM
  • Add toolbar buttons for word library manager, shorthand library manager and setting active libraries.
  • Improved IE favorites and contact list toolbar button.
  • Add interface for alias definitions.
  • Add option to disable IntelliComplete in dialogs
  • Configurable prompt box width

Ver 2.1

  • Option to change library directory
  • Import both words and phrases from multiple text documents into a specified target library.
  • Ability to create shorthand library from phrase list.
  • Sophisticated rule for automatic shorthand generation
  • Ability to import shorthand for windows SPF file.

Ver 2.0

  • More embedded editing functions
  • Sort, space trimming, word count, capitalization, etc.
  • Enhanced library management functions and revised interface.
  • More flexible prompt style configuration
  • Font, gadget, prompt mode, prompt position, etc.
  • UNLIMITED word/phrase/shorthand length!

Ver 1.37

  • All New Powerful Multiple Clipboard Manager
  • Customizable page up /page down keys
  • Improved quick-run dialog
  • Fully customizable toolbar
  • Alias are delimited by non-identifier characters
  • Balloon tool tip style
  • Use 4-digit ANSI code to auto-generate all non-English characters. ASCII code no longer used.
  • Shortcut to dial up and hang up in the toolbar.

Ver 1.34

  • Option to open URL in new IE window in quick-run dialog
  • Support for autocompletion in Borland Delphi 6.0

Ver 1.33

  • Quick-run dialog enhancement, now supporting:
    URL history
    Automatic alias creation
    Multiple URL/command in one line separated by semicolons
    Intelligent http address recognition without prefix "http://"
  • Directly browse URL in clipboard by a hotkey (CTRL+ALT+B)
  • Create alias automatically for URL in quick-run dialog
  • Option to use NUMPAD digits or main keyboard digits for selecting words.
  • Option to enable/disable caret detection in MS word 2000 and above by COM
    You can disable this option if you are on slow and old systems.
  • Option to enable/disable all the hotkeys in main menu
    You can disable this option temporarily to avoid conflict with another application
  • Hotkey to quick-delete unwanted words (CTRL+Delete by default)

Ver 1.32

  • Hotkey to expand alias into full path/URL in any windows
  • Very convenient in explorer, open/save dialog and IE.
  • Built-in commands in quick-run dialog for miscellaneous tasks.
  • Not to prompt excluded passwords
  • Hotkey to access clipboard list and quick-run dialog
  • Clipboard history preserved in a file
  • Create shorthands on the fly without entering shorthand library manager
  • Accurate caret position detection is now available in Microsoft Word 2000 and above.
  • A slim toolbar incorporating clipboard enhancement and shell enhancement is integrated into IntelliComplete.


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