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Word/Phrase Autocompletion
1. Autocomplete the top entry

Keystrokes: sig<CTRL>
Produced Text: significant

2. Move selection

Keystrokes: bac<Down Arrow><Ctrl>
Produced Text: background

3. Select by digits

Keystrokes: op3
Produced Text: opportunity

4. Move-Down + Entry Index

Keystrokes: in<Down Arrow>4
Produced Text: infrastructure

Shorthand/Abbreviation AutoExpansion
1. Auto-Expand The Top Entry

Keystrokes: bb<Ctrl>
Produced Text: be back in a bit

2. Move Selection

Keystrokes: b<Down Arrow><Ctrl>
Produced Text: be back in a bit

3. Select By Digit

Keystrokes: l4
Produced Text: long-distance relationship

4. Move Down + Entry Index

Keystrokes: e{Down Arrow}4
Produced Text: end of thread



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